Brain Desires Music

The brains desire to not only hear, but make music dates over 45,000 years ago with musical instruments being carved out of bone. With all of the advancements in technology and the availability of music these days it is clear that the desire for music is permanently integrated into every culture. Numerous studies have been done throughout the years proving that our brains react positively to music, especially our favorite music and new music we like – positively affecting our health. The feeling received from listening to our favorite music is similar to that of eating our favorite food, taking psychoactive drugs and even sex.

Last year Science, an online journal for science and research published a study to determine the area of the brain linked to our love for music. The study consisted of 19 participants who were to listen to 60 songs they had not heard before. In order to observe the brains activity while songs were playing the participants lied down in a FMRI scanner. The researchers added some incentive allowing the participants to bid on songs they liked and purchase them with the money from the researchers after the study. This was done to determine which songs the participants truly enjoyed enough to purchase and how the brain reacted during those songs.

The study showed that the most activity was in the nucleus acumens which is located close to the organs center and that it was linked to pleasure when hearing a new song. Another area in the auditory cortex showed activity and was linked to preferences from music participants listened to over time which makes them like songs similar to ones they have already heard. The set up is much like Pandora, because it predicts new songs based on songs you like and stations you have made.

Brain Desires Music 
Music Provides Many Health Benefits, Both Physical and Mental

Physical Health Benefits

Mental Health Benefits


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