Phoenix Post Surgical Nursing Home Care

Have you or a family member recently had surgery or will be having surgery and your planning for post surgical nursing care? With MD Home Health Care, we can help you with post surgical care and put together a Care Plan for you or a family member that will ensure their comfort level and care. Since our inception, we’ve helped over 50,000 patients in the Phoenix area and specialize in post surgical care for Phoenix residents.

If a surgery procedure is required for a patient, the logistics can be difficult after the operation to get organized. With MD Home Health Care, we will take the time to fully understand the surgery that you or a loved one will be having and create a customized schedule from prescriptions and medications, meal preparation, and personal care services like assistance with bathing and dressing. For family members that are a distance away, this will give them the peace of mind that their loved one is receiving the proper care necessary to ensure comfort.

The first 48 hours after coming home from a surgery are critical. There is tremendous comfort knowing that one of our trained caregivers will be present to help you or a loved one. It is always important that caregivers stay discreet and follow the HIPAA guidelines, but even more important are focused on the safety of the patient.

With a caring and compassionate staff, the team at MD Home Healthcare will work to make sure the patient has a pleasant experience, even if the surgery experience or treatment leaves them uncomfortable after. The training we provide our staff prepares them to provide safety and comfort, the hopeful feeling that someone is available to help.
We believe every patient is entitled to the highest quality of care customized to their specific medical conditions and home environment. An intake specialist will meet with the patient and family members to coordinate a detailed Care Plan that will address medical, nutritional, physical, cultural, environmental, emotional, and social needs of the patient.

Finding a Phoenix post-surgical home nurse that you trust can be difficult, but no need to look further, the MD Home Health care team has the nurses, physicians, and staff to give you the highest level of comfort that you or your loved one’s will be taken care of properly!

Phoenix Post Surgical Home Nursing Care Testimonial
“I appreciate the service I receive from MD Home Assist. My care giver goes above and beyond the regular service to meet my needs. I am very happy with this agency.” – William 2014 – Glendale

Last year alone, we provided care to over 4,000 patients. Our source of patients has come through referrals from physicians, insurance companies, state and county agencies, schools, case managers and private parties.

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