Phoenix Alzheimer’s Care

Alzheimer’s Disease, also known as dementia, is probably the best known of the entire spectrum of diseases and is very common place in today’s world. While it is it’s a very sad disease, clients with early stage Alzheimer’s that are not ready for a home yet, deserve to be taken care of properly. Our nursing staff is properly trained in caring for Alzheimer’s patients and creating a quality comfortable life for the patient.

At MD Home Health, we are well aware of the extra attention and compassionate care must accompany patients with Alzheimer’s. Our caregivers are trained in treating patients with Alzheimer’s care and providing a level of comfort that your loved one is being taken care of properly. Having a loved one with Alzheimer’s is extremely stressful, our staff will work with you to help analyze the situation and create the proper care plan needed to ensure quality of life.

Although the two terms are often used interchangeably, there is a difference between Alzheimer’s and dementia. Think of dementia as an umbrella that covers all types of cognitive decline, and Alzheimer’s disease as one of the many types of disorders that is under the umbrella. Alzheimer’s is the most common form of dementia, and the Alzheimer’s Foundation states that up to 64% of all dementias are due to Alzheimer’s.

But Alzheimer’s is often diagnosed after other types of dementia have been ruled out, as the disease can only be definitively diagnosed with a post-mortem autopsy on the brain.

Our staff of caregivers works to engage patients in intellectually stimulating activities such as playing cards, reading books, doing puzzles, and much more activities that will work to keep the mind as strong as possible for as long as possible. A big part is taking the time to learning about things our patients used to do and enjoy, and working with them to see what activities they enjoy and using these to continue to engage them.

A major part of helping patients with cognitive impairments is creating a daily routine. Not only can it help in prompting recall, but will help in the managing the unpredictability of the disease. MD Home Health will manage client appointments and schedule activities to get the patient on a consistent routine.

MD Home Health Testimonial
“I will not hesitate to recommend MD Home Health and MD Home Assist to my friends and family when in need of home care services. Thank you for everything you did for my husband and me.”
– Kent & Adriana M. 2010

MD Home Assist offers a full range of custodial, homemaker and personal care services for the individual in their home or group facility. Services are available 24 hours per day/seven days per week and are provided on an hourly or daily basis.

We believe every patient is entitled to the highest quality of care customized to their specific medical conditions and home environment. An intake specialist will meet with the patient and family members to coordinate a detailed Care Plan that will address medical, nutritional, physical, cultural, environmental, emotional, and social needs of the patient.