Nurse doing initial eval

Customized care plans
to meet all your needs.

Every patient is entitled to the highest quality of care, customized to their specific medical conditions and home environment. This is why, before care is ever delivered, a detailed Care Plan is developed by the MD staff.

A licensed nurse or direct care supervisor will meet with the patient and/or loved ones to design a customized Care Plan that addresses the medical, cultural, physical, emotional, environmental and social needs of the patient. Contents of the Care Plan will include the types of tasks to be performed, their frequency, and any special considerations or requests. After approval from the patient and/or loved ones, the Plan will be placed in a folder in the home and serve as the guide to the caregiver on how to spend their time on each visit.

Unlike most agencies providing non-medical home care, MD Home Assist patients have access to a Registered Nurse at all times to address medical concerns and emergencies. This access, through MD Home Health, is available 24 hours per day/7 days per week.

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