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Senior Tips for Health

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Senior Health Tips

As we age we go through an array of changes physically, mentally and in life which for some can be a very daunting task, but it does not have to be. healthAt MD Home Health, we feel that maintaining your health is absolutely critical to living a lasting life full of joy. There are many of the changes we face during our lives as seniors.  Finding a way to get through the tough changes happening as you age is crucial.  Our senior health tips will allow you to live your life while maintaining your health no matter how old you are.

Eating healthy is a critical part to maintaining a healthy life as you age into senior years. Many changes occur as you age that can affect you. It takes longer to digest or process food, your metabolism decreases and your taste and smell even change. With these changes in mind, it is crucial to stay on top of your diet and here are some tips to do just that.

Increase the amount of vegetables, grains and fruits that are high in fiber. With your digestive system continuing to slow down as you age, fiber becomes increasingly important. Foods with a lot of fiber will not only help with digesting, but give you more energy as well.

Watch the portions you eat for each meal and avoid over eating.

Avoid dehydration. The changes happening throughout your body as you age make it easier to become dehydrated. With that said, it is important to stay hydrated and drink fluids, especially water.

As people get older, they often exercise less or not at all. The truth is that exercise is extremely important and will always benefit your health, especially for seniors. Exercising throughout your life will make it much easier to maintain as you get older.

An excellent way to begin exercising is walking. It is cost effective as it literally costs you nothing, not to mention it is a proven method of exersice.

If you are just beginning to exercise then it is critical that you start slow, boosting the level of workout as you go.

Whether you prefer to exercise in a group hiking or you prefer to do it yourself swimming, there is an exercise out there that will fit perfectly for you.

Sleeping becomes increasingly more difficult at we get older which can cause many different health problems and make it a struggle to function properly. Having bad sleeping habits can dramatically increase the risk for poor sleep quality.

Melatonin is naturally produced by the body and is a hormone that helps you to fall asleep. Avoiding artificial lights in the evening will give your melatonin a natural boost and prepare your body and mind for sleep.

Going to bed earlier is always helpful and will allow you more time out of the artificial light to boost your melatonin and get to sleep.

Make your evening bedtime preparation a habit or even a ritual that you consistently stick to every night.

For more information regarding senior health tips visit us at  and set up a

 free consultation with our experts.

Fruits and Veggies with the Best Vitamins

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Fruits and Veggies Vitamin Guide

There are numerous fruits and veggies that not only provide you with the vitamins you need, but taste great as well. With all of the options available to make sure you get the nutrients necessary to stay healthy it is easier than most would think to enjoy healthy food. Here is a list of different vitamins and the fruits or veggies that have them.veggies and fruits

Vitamin A can be found in an array of fruits and veggies and is easy to incorporate into your meal. It is crucial to you vision, immune system and reproduction as well.

  • Orange fruits and veggies like mango or apricots and carrots or pumpkin.
  • Dark green veggies like spinach or collard greens are very rich in vitamin A as well.
  • Tomatoes are also high in vitamin A.


Vitamin B helps the body process protein as well as carbohydrates and there are many that can be eaten with breakfast or lunch.

  • Whole grains are a huge of source of vitamin B.
  • Cereals with whole grains are an easy breakfast full of vitamin B
  • Bread has it as well and can be eaten with sandwiches for lunch.

Vitamin C is in a lot of tasty fruits and veggies that can be great snacks or additions to dinner.

  • Eating fruits that are citrusy like kiwis and oranges.
  • Drinking citrusy juices (not concentrate)
  • Bell pepper, broccoli, cabbage and even potatoes are a source of vitamin C.
  • Romaine lettuce, spinach or leafy green veggies like that as well.

Fiber can be a crucial part of your diet as you age and can be found in many foods that can help your food digest faster. It can also reduce the risk of heart disease and help with blood sugar management.

  • Bran cereal with raspberries in the morning is a tasty high fiber breakfast.
  • Black beans and lentils are also great sources of fiber that can be easily added into dinner.
  • Vegetables like artichoke and cooked green peas.

It may seem like a daunting task to change your diet and add new fruits and veggies to improve your health, but incorporating them into your daily meals will make it a lot easier. Cooking the vegetables will not only bring out the best of their nutrients, but add more flavors to it as well. For more information on healthy fruits and veggies contact us at MD Home Health and let our experts do what they love.

Benefits of Walking for your Health

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Benefits of Walking

walkingWalking is one of the most common forms of exercise and has been for a long time due to the incredible health benefits associated with it. It is not a strenuous exercise and allows you to easily work at your pace while improving your health along the way. Although walking keeps exercise simple, it is still very effective. At MD Home Health we recommend just 30 minutes of walking per day to start and guarantee it will benefit your health.

Physical activity has been proven to be one of the top ways to stay healthy. Statistics show that exercise on a regular basis can assist in preventing heart problems, diabetes and even cancer. Walking not only improves the strength of your muscles, but your bones and joints as well decreasing the chance of arthritis. One of the more obvious health benefits of walking is that it is great for losing weight, which has become an increased problem in the United States.

Simply moving, rather than sitting for long periods of time can produce drastic health benefits. Becoming more active physically has many benefits and there are so many ways to do it. If you like to watch TV shows after work, you can record them and fast forward the commercials so the show will end sooner. With that extra time you can go and take a nice walk to let your food digest and get you ready for bed. Even things like checking the mail everyday can be extremely helpful for seniors.

It is recommended to exercise continuously for a longer amount of time to achieve the most out of your workout while improving your cardio and respiratory health.  It can seem like a daunting task and can be impossible to accomplish on some days based on schedules alone, but the benefits are completely worth it. More physical activity can reduce the chance of many health problems including heart disease, colon or breast cancer, diabetes and high blood pressure.

Staying healthy is extremely important and will not only make you feel better, but improve and offer you a long lasting life. If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of walking or any other health information, contact us at and our experts will assist you.

In the Mood for Healthy Food

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Healthy Food for a Healthy Mood

mood healthy eating, mood food healthy foodEating healthy is not always easy. Constant temptations for inexpensive, convenient fast food make it difficult to make the right food choices when it comes to your health. Luckily, we’re here to help make it easier, because you don’t have to be a celebrity health nut or experienced chef to start choosing the best foods for your body. 

Your path toward healthier eating starts with leafy greens. The problem that people often run into with vegetables, however, is not so much the flavor but the difficulty that comes along with trying to cook them. For busy people on the go, leafy greens are easy to leave out. An effortless way to incorporate darker greens into your diet more is to start using them in your sandwiches instead of iceberg lettuce. Many of these darker greens have antioxidants like lutein and zeaxanthin, which are associated with eye health, in addition to vitamin K, which is good for bone growth and warding off cancer.

Though whole milk may provide you with your necessary intake of vitamin D and calcium for your bones, it also contains an unhealthy amount of fat, and is therefore probably not your healthiest choice. Other dairy products like yogurt have less fat and can provide you with these essential bone-fortifying nutrients while protecting your gums against disease and helping with your digestion. For a healthy breakfast that can easily replace a quick bowl of sugary cereal, consider adding flaxseeds and granola to your yogurt to get both heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids and fiber.

Fish like salmon and trout will also give you a healthy dose of omega-3s that will offer the added benefit of improved brain health. Though fish might seem like a hassle to prepare at first, grilling it with a few herbs and spices should take no more than ten to fifteen minutes. Plus, its versatility gives you a range of options when considering what to do with your leftovers. You can have a classic grilled salmon dinner or a delicious grilled salmon sandwich for lunch (don’t forget your leafy greens!). For an extra healthy treat, try substituting a high-fat, high-sugar dessert with fruits that are just as sweet but also rich in vitamin C. Following some of these simple tips from the experts at MD Home Health will put you on the path to a healthier you.

Stretching Out The Years

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Guide to Stretching Out The Years

Just because the years are catching up with you doesn’t mean it has to show. After all, as the old adage goes, “age is only a number.” For older adults, stretching is an important part of keeping the reminders of your aging physiology at bay. With age come stiffness, poor posture, poor circulation, and achy joints – all of which can be alleviated simply by stretching every other day for about five to ten minutes each time. So, where do you start? Here are some helpful tips to guide you through the process:stretching

  • Get warm. Because your muscles tend to loosen up after a workout or a warm shower, this is the ideal time to stretch. Not only will you reduce the risk of injury and pain that can be caused by stretching “cold” muscles, but you will also increase your blood circulation, lengthen your muscles more effectively, and reduce soreness.


  • Don’t bounce. Static stretching is most effective for increasing flexibility because it holds your stretched muscle in an elongated position for longer (about fifteen to thirty seconds). Always be careful, however, not to overextend your muscles, as this can be quite painful. You should feel steady tension but not any significant distress.


  • Stretch for you. It’s helpful to look up specific stretching exercises (especially for specific ailments), but if you come across a stretching exercise that is unnecessarily painful, discontinue it immediately. Proper stretching should improve your quality of life and relieve discomfort without becoming a painful and burdensome chore.

With these tips in mind, you should be ready to start incorporating brief, relaxing stretches into your weekly routine, minimizing pain and stiffness and maximizing your years. At MD Home Health, we try our best to help you feel young again, both in body and spirit.

Eating Well as you Age

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Healthy Eating Tips

healthy eating habits

Eating properly is essential to everyday life no matter what your age, but it is especially important as you get older. Growing older causes your body to react and work slower which makes it harder to digest certain foods. Another thing a lot of people forget when they are young is that they will not always have a fast metabolism and they cannot continue to eat unhealthy food like they used to. I was once a victim of this and I have definitely learned that as I get older I have to start eating healthier or I will easily gain weight. As you get older though, problems like diabetes can arise and if you already struggle with obesity the chances quickly rise.

Diabetes occurs when a person has high blood sugar because their cells do not accept the insulin naturally produced by the body or because the body does not produce the required amount of insulin. It is becoming more common in overweight and obese children and adults as well, but can be stopped early with healthy eating habits. According to the American Diabetes Association, eating well and maintaining a healthy weight are big factors when it comes to lowering your risk of diabetes. Being overweight accelerates the resistance to insulin which causes diabetes in kids and is even more of a risk in older people. A healthy diet including more fresh fruits and veggies, whole grains, lean cuts of meat, low fat dairy, and grain breads or cereals. A tough one for many people is quitting soda, but if you switch to water and real juice with meals it will not only be much healthier but save you a lot of money as well.

Diabetes is not the only problem that can arise from not eating healthy as you grow older. Unfortunately there are many other problems that can arise such as clogged arteries from eating too much high fat food, stomach problems from over eating, heart failure, heart attack, pancreatitis and many more. A healthy and consistent diet is the best way to avoid problems as you get older.

Are you in need of home health care or assistance? Do you need someone to care for an elder loved one, but don’t want them in a nursing home? If so, MD Home Health has the solution for you.  We offer an array of services from home care to nursing to therapy and much more. For more information please visit us at

Easy Tips for Healthy Eating

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Eating Right Done Right

In a fast-paced world, it’s easy to get caught up in day-to-day activity, and then resolve to settle for either a frozen or fast food dinner. Eating right doesn’t have to be a chore. By following these simple steps, eating right and developing healthy eating habits will be easier than reaching for a frozen entrée.eating

Eat Slowly

Enjoy your food by eating slowly and not just swallowing it down. Take in the flavors present in every bite and allow yourself to get full faster by eating slower.

Eat in a Relaxed Setting

Don’t rush through a meal. Eat in a relaxed environment. Rather than eating in front of the TV, or hunched over a desk at work, eat in a setting where you can enjoy your meal instead of being rushed through it.

Start Cooking

When ordering from a restaurant or zapping a frozen entrée in the microwave, you can never be sure of what goes into it. By cooking your own meals you have a hand in every step and every ingredient. You can also make sure that fresh veggies are used instead of frozen.

Start Off Your Mornings with Protein

Start your mornings off with protein such as multi-grain bread, eggs, unsweetened yogurt, nuts, honey, cheese and fresh fruit to have you feeling full longer.

Be Mindful of Portions

Portions are important, but that doesn’t mean you have to be left hungry. Eat smaller portions spread throughout the day to ensure health.

Don’t Eat in Front of the TV, or While on Your Phone

Don’t multi-task while you eat to make sure that you give full attention to your meal. It’s proven that while eating in front of the TV, or chatting on the phone, your body has a harder time registering that you’re full.

Eat Fresh Over Frozen

Fresh veggies not only taste better, but they’re better for you. Lightly sautéed vegetables contain more nutrients than vegetables that have been fully cooked then frozen. Fresh are not only good for you, but they also taste better in any meal.

These healthy eating habits won’t form overnight, but by taking small steps towards eating right, you are one step closer to a healthier lifestyle. If cooking is a difficult task, MD Home Health also offers non-clinical services such as meal preparation. Learn more at


Strength Training for Seniors

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Strength Training Tips for Seniors

As we age, our bodies take on a toll of the burdens we’ve put our bodies through over the years. Aging doesn’t mean that we should stop working out altogether, rather, we should strive to be at our best even in our later years. Here are some top strength training tips to get started on a regiment of building up muscle strength.strength

#1) Stand in front of a chair, then alternate repeatedly between sitting and standing. Don’t plop down; lower into the chair with control every time.

#2) Practice pushups, modified to your comfort level such as knees on floor, or standing pushup in which you’re pushing off a wall or railing. Remember to go at your own pace, and to only do as much as you’re comfortable with.

#3) Squats with light hand placement on secure object for balance. Don’t push yourself too hard, if you feel like you need to take a break, or stop and catch a breath, do what your body is telling you to do.

#4) Deadlifts: The deadlift is when you stand before a barbell that’s on the floor or a tracked device such as a Smith machine. Keeping legs nearly straight (slightly bent knees), you bend at the hips, keeping back slightly arched. Do not hunch your back. Bend over just enough to pick up the barbell. Usually, palms face away from you, but they can face forward.

Keeping legs nearly straight, back slightly arched, arms nearly straight (do not lock out elbows, but don’t bend arms, either), pull the weight up as you return to your start position. That is one repetition.

#5) Leg presses: It’s best to do these on a leg press machine, and to keep your back straight. It’s also helpful to remember to exhale as you push out.

The detriment of not doing strength training is a result in a loss of muscle, beginning at around age 30. This starts occurring in people who don’t do strength training – structured weight-bearing workouts. This muscle loss equates to about five pounds per decade. So even though an elderly woman may still be able to “fit” into her wedding dress of decades past, her body composition has radically changed if she’s been losing five pounds of muscle every decade!

Keep these strength training tips in handy, and remember to that should you or your loved one require assistance, to get in touch with one of our qualified caregivers at

Sleep and Aging

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Sleep to your Health

As we get older many changes happen to our body, both physically in appearance and durability and mentally in our memory and our sleeping patterns.sleep

The older people get, the harder it is to not only fall asleep, but to stay asleep once they do. Although some may think that as we get older we need less sleep, the truth is that people need to have consistent sleep throughout adulthood.

There are different stages of sleep in the sleeping cycle beginning with light dreamless stage and venturing into a deep sleep where active dreaming can occur. These stages of sleep continue during the night as you sleep, but as you get older, you tend to stay in the lighter sleep stage a lot more. This causes you to wake up and still feel very tired and stay tired in the middle of the day.

It also takes older adults a lot longer to fall asleep and once they do it takes away deep sleep time which can cause you to wake up in the night and feel tired the next day.

There are numerous sleep disorders that are more prone to older adults that can seriously affect the amount of sleep they get. One such disorder is called “advanced sleep phase syndrome” in which they become tired and fall asleep very early in the evening and wake up much earlier than everyone else. They get the same hours of sleep but the sleep is not as good and once in the cycle it is hard to break. Exposure to light makes it harder to fall asleep and therapy for this syndrome typically involves light therapy to help keep them awake a bit later and get their sleeping schedule back to normal.

Insomnia is very high among older adults and can be extremely detrimental for your health. The 2003 Sleep in America poll by the NSF showed that nearly half of older adults have symptoms of insomnia. The loss of sleep caused by insomnia can make life very complicated as well. People who experience it can go without sleep for up to a week or more if they do not have any treatment for it.

If you feel that you may be having any symptoms relating to sleeping disorders it might be worth it to speak with your doctor to find out more information and your doctor can make a sound assessment to determine if there is a problem or not. If you can’t get through to your doctor and would like some immediate information please visit us at

Love Gets Better with Age

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Growing Old and In Love Together

It may seem today that the idea of true love is only reserved for fairy tales and romance novels. Relationships are shorter and less fulfilling. Divorce rates are high. Instead of committing to one another for the sake of happiness, couples are doing it for financial and economic benefits.

Elderly Couples

Even so, the definition of “love” doesn’t have to be so jaded. There are still plenty of people out there who yearn for longevity and satisfaction within a romantic relationship, especially progressing into the later years or life. Nourishing a healthy and virtuous romance is beneficial not only for soulful satisfaction, but for maintaining a healthy mental and emotional lifestyle.

There are many components that exist when it comes to building a relationship that lasts. Ultimately, it boils down to communication and honesty with your partner. You may already be well-versed in the poetry of courting and companionship, but you’ll find there is always room to learn more. After all, life is but a continuation of exploration and discovery, and being able to share that with the one you love makes the experience all the more richer.

Do you and your partner still want the same things out of life? Now that life has (hopefully) begun to settle down, what are your goals for the future? Will you and your loved one finally travel the world, or are you both content to simply watch the sunset each day? Whatever your daily desires, sharing them with your partner will only serve to strengthen your relationship.

No matter your goals or desires, the key to building a healthy relationship is to remember that in the end, it isn’t wealth or material possessions that define happiness. Being content with yourself and your partner is important, and that simple joy can be the foundation of a lasting love.

We want you to feel fulfilled in all aspects of life. Our customized Care Plans are designed to take the stress and worry out of the simple day-to-day tasks so you can focus on the more important aspects of living. Cultivating a healthy partnership is just one way to extend longevity and discover the true happiness of life. Let us help you reach that goal. Here at MD Home Health we want to see you and your loved one thrive.