Eating Well as you Age

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Healthy Eating Tips

healthy eating habits

Eating properly is essential to everyday life no matter what your age, but it is especially important as you get older. Growing older causes your body to react and work slower which makes it harder to digest certain foods. Another thing a lot of people forget when they are young is that they will not always have a fast metabolism and they cannot continue to eat unhealthy food like they used to. I was once a victim of this and I have definitely learned that as I get older I have to start eating healthier or I will easily gain weight. As you get older though, problems like diabetes can arise and if you already struggle with obesity the chances quickly rise.

Diabetes occurs when a person has high blood sugar because their cells do not accept the insulin naturally produced by the body or because the body does not produce the required amount of insulin. It is becoming more common in overweight and obese children and adults as well, but can be stopped early with healthy eating habits. According to the American Diabetes Association, eating well and maintaining a healthy weight are big factors when it comes to lowering your risk of diabetes. Being overweight accelerates the resistance to insulin which causes diabetes in kids and is even more of a risk in older people. A healthy diet including more fresh fruits and veggies, whole grains, lean cuts of meat, low fat dairy, and grain breads or cereals. A tough one for many people is quitting soda, but if you switch to water and real juice with meals it will not only be much healthier but save you a lot of money as well.

Diabetes is not the only problem that can arise from not eating healthy as you grow older. Unfortunately there are many other problems that can arise such as clogged arteries from eating too much high fat food, stomach problems from over eating, heart failure, heart attack, pancreatitis and many more. A healthy and consistent diet is the best way to avoid problems as you get older.

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