Eating Right Done Right

In a fast-paced world, it’s easy to get caught up in day-to-day activity, and then resolve to settle for either a frozen or fast food dinner. Eating right doesn’t have to be a chore. By following these simple steps, eating right and developing healthy eating habits will be easier than reaching for a frozen entrée.eating

Eat Slowly

Enjoy your food by eating slowly and not just swallowing it down. Take in the flavors present in every bite and allow yourself to get full faster by eating slower.

Eat in a Relaxed Setting

Don’t rush through a meal. Eat in a relaxed environment. Rather than eating in front of the TV, or hunched over a desk at work, eat in a setting where you can enjoy your meal instead of being rushed through it.

Start Cooking

When ordering from a restaurant or zapping a frozen entrée in the microwave, you can never be sure of what goes into it. By cooking your own meals you have a hand in every step and every ingredient. You can also make sure that fresh veggies are used instead of frozen.

Start Off Your Mornings with Protein

Start your mornings off with protein such as multi-grain bread, eggs, unsweetened yogurt, nuts, honey, cheese and fresh fruit to have you feeling full longer.

Be Mindful of Portions

Portions are important, but that doesn’t mean you have to be left hungry. Eat smaller portions spread throughout the day to ensure health.

Don’t Eat in Front of the TV, or While on Your Phone

Don’t multi-task while you eat to make sure that you give full attention to your meal. It’s proven that while eating in front of the TV, or chatting on the phone, your body has a harder time registering that you’re full.

Eat Fresh Over Frozen

Fresh veggies not only taste better, but they’re better for you. Lightly sautéed vegetables contain more nutrients than vegetables that have been fully cooked then frozen. Fresh are not only good for you, but they also taste better in any meal.

These healthy eating habits won’t form overnight, but by taking small steps towards eating right, you are one step closer to a healthier lifestyle. If cooking is a difficult task, MD Home Health also offers non-clinical services such as meal preparation. Learn more at